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Chad DeBolt Recognized as NJBIZ Leader in Finance of 2022



Chad DeBolt, Saxum’s Managing Director and Principal was recognized as one of NJBIZ’s Leaders in Finance of 2022.

Chad is immersed in all operations, including investment strategy, acquisitions, capital raising, leasing activities, and management of the firm’s portfolio. Chad leverages his extensive cross-disciplinary skillset and network spanning the financial and real estate markets to assist establishing Saxum’s unique investment strategies and risk management processes.  Chad attended the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration and Investments.

Below are questions answered by Chad through the nomination process:

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest contribution to your company’s success?

Chad: Saxum’s Opportunity Zone Fund was one of the first nationally. As the program developed, competitors were hesitant to incorporate the strategy because guidelines were in flux, but with diligent research, I pushed for Saxum to become a first-mover, breaking-ground on the first OZ project in Austin. This program provides substantial tax incentives, making long-term investments in areas that’ve been designated for improvement by officials, making it a win-win deal. Over 3 yrs, we’ve executed eleven OZ deals and aim to make the most of the program. Saxum opened office-space in our first OZ development in TX, cementing Saxum’s national presence.


Q: Describe a career challenge you overcame and the outcome 

Chad: The pandemic brought historic uncertainty, increasing a sense of stewardship for the firm. As the executive, spearheading hiring and strategy responsibilities, navigating the ever-changing nature of the pandemic was a constant pivoting exercise, which culminated in Saxum not just surviving, but thriving. From2020 to today we’ve had exponential growth making Saxum one of the fastest growing investment and development firms in the nation. Our team has tripled, from ten to thirty employees now working in both our New Jersey and Austin office, which was constructed on budget and on time and opened during the pandemic.


Q: What types of charities, community involvement, or pro bono work are you a part of? 

Chad: I play an active role as volunteer athletic coach for my kids in their schools. I am also part of various Christian faith groups with my family, with active involvement in food drives, fundraising and consulting on strategic real estate decisions relating to church properties. We’ve developed a bootcamp program for high schoolers and college kids interested in kickstarting their knowledge of commercial real estate, learning the ins and outs. This is a very beneficial program that we have carried out for three seasons which served as a resume-building experience during the pandemic when opportunities were limited.



Chad: When I began at Saxum, my financial leadership role was focused predominately on capital markets & investments, so it’s an interesting perspective comparing how my day-to-day has expanded. As Saxum has grown, so has the multidisciplinary nature of my job. My typical day ranges widely, it can involve speaking to institutional equity, pitching to a family office, meeting an engineer or GC, guiding operational decisions, managing assets while also working intimately with our legal team. I touch all phases of the lifecycle from the structure and strategy of deals to ribbon cuttings, and ultimately through the realization of these assets.



Chad: Saxum provides a home to the movers and shakers of real estate. We’re in one of the best asset classes in the world where no day or deal is the same. I feel privileged to play even a small role in positively affecting communities nationally. Several of our opportunity zone funds are in communities below the poverty line, where we’re creating valuable jobs and beautifying these areas, creating timeless real estate properties. What I love the most is that I’m essentially creating tangible legacy assets that will have an impact on future generations.



Answers from Chad DeBolt, Managing Director and Principal
NJBIZ Leaders in Finance



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